Data Visualization

Hue Spectrum

Spring 2014

Professor Robert M. Haralick

Classroom 5382

Office Hours: Monday 4PM-5PM Room 4319

Main Text

Wong, Dona, Wall Street Journal Guide to Information Graphics, Norton, W. W. And Company, Inc., (2013 )
Chun-houh Chen, Wolgang Hardle, Antony Unwin (Ed.), Handbook Of Data Visualization, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 2008.

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Schedule of Lectures

February 2 Dona Wong
February 9 Robert Haralick
February 16 No Class - But class will be held on Wednesday February 18
February 23 Michael Grossberg
March 2 Enrico Bertini
March 9 Lev Manovich
March 16 Sharon Hsaio
March 23 Robert Haralick
March 30 Michael Grossberg
April 13 Kristen Sosulski
April 20 Kaiser Fung
April 27 Amanda Cox
May 4 Student Presentations
May 11 Student Presentations

Professor Grossberg's collection of scholarly archival papers

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Professor Grossberg's Lecture Slides

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